Creative Economy

The cultural and creative sector of Póvoa de Varzim has been increasing its social and economic importance in the city and region, but it continues to have a relatively small share of the local economic structure.

The number of companies of this sector in the municipality, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), is 157, which, in 2017, represented 2.1% of the total number of companies.

The number of companies devoted to the activities of creation, publication and distribution of books, newspapers and magazines is 23, representing 14.6% of the cultural and creative sector.

In 2017, the total number of workers in the sector was 556, corresponding to 2.6% of the working population.

The turnover of the sector in 2017 was 24.75 million euros, which generated value added of 14.08 million, corresponding to 4.5% of Value Added of the entire local economy.

As is the case throughout the country, the contribution of the creative economy is not limited to the business dimension. The third sector and the local public sector hold great importance in its social and economic expression.
In the public sector, the Municipality invests around 725,000 euros annually in promoting reading, in addition to a wide range of activities to promote books and reading (events, training courses, etc.), thus also contributing to the strengthening of the local creative economy.

In terms of the third sector, namely non-profit associations with close links to the book and literature sector, the Municipality has 48 agents, engaging more than 1,000 participants.

The total municipal investment of Póvoa de Varzim in the last five years (2013/2017) corresponds to 213.06 million euros (46.50 in 2017), while the accumulated revenue in the last five years corresponds to 216.15 million euros (45.29 in 2017).

The investment in Cultural Activities and Sports in the last 5 years (according to the National Institute of Statistics) corresponds to 27.7 million euros (15.7 million if we exclude the investment in sport).

The stand out investments in the areas directly and indirectly associated with the literary sector are:
  • Libraries and Archives: 3.081 million euros;
  • Heritage: 2.656 million euros;
  • Books and Publications: 355,000 euros;
  • Interdisciplinary areas: 2.154 million euros;

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